Our Services

Every process is embed with design philosophy

To get started to produce your work from your sketchbook to reality is a very hard task. We are here to assist you to produce the work you wish it could become to be. From a single prototype to thousands pieces of fine jewelry we are able to deliver each piece with maximum finishing touch. We can develop, create and mass-produce with all of the available technique that is required to make the piece possible.


Design & Development

We are a group multi-disciplinary team that creates multiple product and accessories for customers around the globe.  We also offer on designing accessories bases on the customer needs that can be based on their concepts or their existing design. 


3D Modeling, Rendering & Printing

Using computer aided design (CAD) program to create your idea to reality.  We can form and create your Idea digitally for you, before producing any physical object. We also provide you with all kinds of rapid prototyping service, 3D printing,to create a quick sample of each design for our customer. So our customer could explore their full potential of their design.

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Production & Manufacturing

Material Workshop will provide you with a one stop service on jewelry or accessories production.  Our factories are capable of producing thousand of units within a month and we are confident that each piece you receive will be thoroughly goes through the quality control process.




Every community is unique and each ring is embodied and infused with memories, traditions and pride. Let us make a memorable product of your own school or community with prestigious memorabilia that representing your school or your peers. Please fill in the form below to so that we can produces the best memorabilia that would symbolise your community with the best possible idea and material.